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very well done, and the story line is incredible!

I don't understand why other people dislike this video you made. It may be harsh, but life is also harsh. We really should try to live trough it as best as we can. To be honest, your video nearly put me in tears. That, I know is a sign that your video means something. It means a lot, just like life its self does. Keep living, and doing your best. Just like you did with this movie.

The animations you did are fantastic. Everything about it is really great. There is so much meaning in it, I can't find anymore words to describe how wonderful your movie is.

nahtanojmal responds:

My movie is only a means to an end. A sign pointing to a destination.
May you reach the destination.
Thanks for reviewing ;)

Awesome video!

it reminded me of when i got semi stuck in the nether myself. I managed to get out of it after i killed that dang ghost thingy.

Great job on your video by the way! Keep up the great work.

dotorius responds:

Thanks! I'm thinking of something to put here but I'm too lazy.
EDIT: I like trains

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Very enjoyable

You did a great job on this. Every thing is easy to understand and use. Keep up the great work!

fun to play

you did a very good job on this game. keep up the great work.

very odd

i honestly couldn't figure out which score to give you, so i gave you a ten. you are quite right, this is a stupid game. but sometimes the stupidity is good. keep doing your best.

fun loving and energetic.

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